May 5 | The Hotel UMD, College Park, Maryland


Part of a 3-Day Focus on Federal ICT Product Certification

Events include Monday, May 6: Common Criteria Day, CMMC Day Tuesday, May 7: CSfC Conference Wednesday, May 8: Cyber Trust Mark Day, DoDIN APL Day.

One-Day, Two-Day and Three-Day Discount Registration is available.

Monday, May 6

08:00-09:00 Registration

09:00–10:10 Plenary Keynote Session

Ballroom CDE

09:00 Welcome and Introduction (P00a) David Nathans, Board Member, SOCSoter

9:10 Government Keynote (P00b) Matt Travis, Chief Executive Officer, The Cyber Accreditation Body (The Cyber AB), Former Deputy Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

10:10-10:50 Networking Break in Exhibits

10:50-12:50 Track Sessions

Salon C
Data Protection (M01)
Moderator: Bryan Gray, Senior Solutions Engineer, Kiteworks
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10:50 Controlled Unclassified Information: A Primer (M01a) James Goepel, General Counsel and Director of Education, Continuous Compliance LLC dba FutureFeed [60MIN]

11:50 What is CUI and Where is CMMC Spilling Over? (M01c) Robert Teague, Director, CMMC Services, Redspin

12:20 Declassifying Information and Its Applicability to CUI (M01d) Max Aulakh, CISO, Ignyte

Salon D
Case Studies (D01)
Moderator: Emery Csulak, vCISO, BGS LLC

10:50 Forensic analysis of the CMMC/NIST 800-171 domains (D01a) Amy Williams, VP of CMMC, Coalfire Federal

11:20 NIST 800-171: Managing Multiple CAGE Codes In A DIB Organization (D01b) Kyle Lai, KLC Consulting, Inc.

11:50 Panel Discussion: CMMC and Cybersecurity Case Studies—Lessons Learned (D01c) Leader: Eric Crusius, Partner, Holland & Knight; Stuart Itkin, Senior Vice President, NeoSystems; Derek Kernus, Deputy CISO, Sentinel Blue [60MIN]

Salon E
CMMC Policy & Standards (L01)
Moderator: Mark Berman, CEO and Founder, FutureFeed

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10:50 Update on NIST SP 800-171 Series (L01a) Victoria Pillitteri, Manager, Security Engineering & Risk Management Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

11:20 Legal Risks Implementing CMMC: What Every Company and Executive Should Know (L01b) Michael Gruden, Counsel, Crowell Moring

11:50 CISO’s Guide to Future-proofing CMMC Mobility Strategy: Real World Use Cases (L01c) Matt Stern, Chief Security Officer, Hypori

12:20 Navigating the Final Proposed Rulemaking Process and When CMMC Becomes Real (L01d) Dr. Thomas Graham, Vice President & CISO, Redspin

12:50–13:50 Lunch in Exhibit Area

Lunch made possible through the generous support of Lunch Host Sponsor Booz Allen.

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13:50-15:20 Track Sessions

Salon C
CMMC Policy & Standards (L02)
Moderator: Stephen Pratt, CISO, Sentar, Inc.

Salon D
CMMC Outlook (K02)
Moderator: Greg Manson, Vice President of Security, Audit and Compliance, Tego Data Systems

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13:50 Supply Chain and Risk Management as a Cyber Security Component for the DoD (K02a) Katie Arrington, Owner, LD Innovations

14:20 Panel Discussion: Meeting Audit Demands for CMMC—Are There Enough C3PAOs to Keep Up? How Will C3PAOs Keep Up With Knowledge Requirements? (K02b) Leader: Michael Greenman, Sr Manager Cloud Solutions, Deltek; Brian Brethen, Operations Manager, Auria Space; Cole French, CMMC Practice Lead, Kratos Defense and Security Solutions; Fernando Machado, Managing Principal/CISO, CyberSec Investments; Christina Reynolds, Managing Director, Industry Spec Svcs, BDO;  [60MIN]

Salon E
CMMC in Practice (E02)
Moderator: Bill Wootton, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, C3 Integrated Solutions

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15:20-15:50 Networking Break in Exhibits

Exhibits Close at 15:50

15:50-17:20 Track Sessions

Salon C
CMMC Policy & Standards (L03)
Moderator: Stuart Itkin, Senior Vice President, NeoSystems

15:50 The National Defense ISAC C3PAO Shopping Guide for SMEs (L03a) Andy Sauer, CEO, Sentinel Blue

16:20 Visualizing CMMC (L03b) Emery Csulak, vCISO, BGS

16:50 Psychology of CMMC Implementation from a Risk Management Perspective (L03c) Nancy Laney, Founder and CEO, RPA, Peak Compliance

Salon D
CMMC Outlook (K03)
Moderator: Amy Williams, Vice President of CMMC, Coalfire Federal

15:50 Rulemaking for the Rest of Us (K03a) Jacob Horne, Chief Security Evangelist, Summit7

16:20 Panel Discussion: Role of Prime Contractors in Supporting Their Supply Chains (K03b) Leader: Amy Williams, VP of CMMC, Coalfire Federal; Michael Baker, VP, IT Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), DXC Technology; George Bailey, Director, Purdue cyberTAP; Dawn Greenman, Program Manager, Cybersecurity Compliance and Supply Chain Risk Management, Johns Hopkins University APL; Sam Salinas, Lead, Enterprise Compliance Services, RTX [60MIN]

Salon E
CMMC in Practice (E03)
Moderator: John Nolan, VP of IT Operations, IsI

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15:50 CMMC and The Market for Lemons (E03a) Cole French, CMMC Capability Lead, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.; Andy Paul, Director of Commercial Cybersecurity Services, Gray Analytics

16:20 Current State vs. Future State of Requirements (E03b) Koren Wise, Owner & CEO, Wise Technical Innovations

16:50 Beyond NIST, CMMC Certification: A Resilient Cyber Supply Chain (E03c) Ali Pabrai, Chairman & Chief Executive, ecfirst

17:20 Adjourn

17:20 Welcome Reception

By Invitation: Stop by booth 301 for a ticket. Catch up with your colleagues and enjoy a refreshing beverage at the end of the day’s events. Thanks to the generous support of Reception Host Kiteworks.

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18:30 Dine-Out College Park

Separate registration required. Enjoy an informal prix-fixe group dinner at GrillMarx Steakhouse & Raw Bar with your colleagues. Thanks to the generous support of Dine-Out Host C3 Integrated Solutions.

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